Jueves, 03 Diciembre 2015 12:40

Seminar "New research lines in Corporate Social Responsibility"

Monday 14th Desember 2015

Meeting room of the deanery

Faculty of Economy and Business

"New research lines in Corporate Social Responsibility"

Seminar by Prof. Markus Stiglbauer

Corporate  governance  is  a  controversial  topic  for  academics  and  managers. Despite  of  the  great  number  of  studies  on  this  issue,  there  is  still  an  open debate  on  the  best  practices  on  Corporate  Social  Responsibility  (CSR),  its influence  on  performance  and  the  conception  of  CSR  as  a  strategy  or something even more important that should be in the very essence and nature
of any organization.
This course seeks to expose the state of the art on CSR, to indicate the main research gaps and define research opportunities on this topic.

Prof Markus Stiglbauer (PhD, University of Regensburg, Germany) is professor for corporate  governance  at  the  School  of  Business  and  Economics  at  the University  of  Erlangen­Nuremberg  (Germany).  His  current  research  focuses on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. His articles have appeared in such journals as Corporate Governance, International Journal of Disclosure  and  Governance,  Management  Review  Quarterly,  and  Journal  of Management Control. Visiting professorships at Aarhus University (DK), Universitat Rovira i Virgili (ESP) and Hanken School of Economics (FIN).
Two master's degrees in Economics as well as in Business Administration from the University of Regensburg.


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