Viernes, 06 Marzo 2015 12:53

Poverty and social exclusion of youth in Spain

Original title: Pobreza y exclusión social en los jóvenes de España
Authors: Ignasi Brunet, Angel Belzunegui and Francesc Valls
Editorial: Tirant lo Blanc

Poverty is increasing in Spain by the called socialization of poverty, as a result of various factors which favor a scenario of rising inequality and a visible deterioration of the living conditions of the population. The young is one of the most affected groups by the new poverty. In this text, the result of a research over three years, the data collected shows the impoverishment of large sections of society that were previously protected from situations of economic vulnerability.

The text focuses on the study of the impact of poverty on young people, treating these not as a uniform set or as a social category in itself, but being sensitive to the heterogeneity and diversity of the concept of youth.

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