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Monday, 24 February 2014 00:00

Linking on Higher Education System of Mexico

Títle: La vinculación en el sistema de educación superior en México
Authors: Ignasi Brunet, Carlos Alberto Santamaría Velasco, Eduardo Calderón Cuevas
Editorial: FESE, Fundación Educación y Empresa

 The fundamental purpose of this book is the interrelated study of innovation, entrepreneurship and institutions of higher education as essential elements that must be combined to promote entrepreneurship and business creation, to thereby strengthen the linkage of education institutions with production , public and social spheres.

 So this is not only deepening in doctrine and literature on the subject , but also in the detailed study of the special characteristics of the linkage in the Mexican higher education system with respect to knowledge and practice in this area, so this book is a contribution to the capacity assessment of linkage in Mexican higher education institutions, which will allow the reader to enter the treatment they give to the link with entrepreneurs and innovative approaches.

 In this context, an important new analysis of the role of higher education institutions in the process of a knowledge -intensive economy, which must move from the role of serving the State to lead the society to serve the industry and is trade to ensure that through the I + D + i, countries achieve the competitive advantages required in the overall development scheme.

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