Strategies for Coping with LGBT Discrimination at Work: a Systematic Literature Review

Mara, Liviu Catalin; Ginieis, Matias; Brunet, Ignasi
Introduction Members of the LGBT community suffer discrimination in various areas, and the workplace is no exception. This is why it is important to understand the strategies they adopt to cope so that policy-makers, organizations, companies, and the LGBT community can be informed of the resources that can potentially mitigate or eradicate discrimination in the workplace. Methods In this article, we use a systematic review of the literature up to and including 2018 in the databases Scopus and Web of Science. Results We analyzed 52 articles and extracted one model with four different strategies for coping with discrimination in the workplace: internal, external, reactive, and proactive. We also identified strategies used by organizations and companies, and make recommendations that can inform future policies in this area. Conclusion The model places the members of the LGBT community at the heart of the process of overcoming discrimination. Policy implications. We found that these strategies are not equally available in all contexts. Therefore, there is a need not only for LGBT individual agency, but also for companies, society, and the political system to get involved and expand freedoms and labour rights for the LGBT community.
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LGBT; Coping; Discrimination; Inclusion; Workplace
Sex Res Soc Policy
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