• The latest papers published by ASO members:
    • Rodríguez-Soler, J. & Brunet, I. (2018). Between vocational education and training centres and companies: study of their relations under the regional innovation system approach. Studies in Continuing Education, 40(1), 46-61. [More] [Digital version]
    • Cascón, R., Kirkpatrick, I. & Exworthy, M. (2017). El estatus de la profesión médica: ¿reforzado o debilitado por la nueva gestión pública?. Gaceta Sanitaria, 31(3), 273-275. [More] [Digital version]
    • Marín, Q., Hernández-Lara, A. B., Campa-Planas, F. & Sánchez-Rebull, M.-V. (2017). Which factors improve the performance of the internationalization process? Focus on family firms. Applied Economics, 49(32), 3181-3194. [More] [Digital version]
    • Papaoikonomou, E. & Alarcón, A (2017). Revisiting Consumer Empowerment: An Exploration of Ethical Consumption Communities. Journal Of Macromarketing, 37(1), 40-56. [More] [Digital version]
    • Ubalde, J., Alarcón, A. & Lapresta, C. (2017). Evolution and determinants of language attitudes among Catalan adolescents. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 60(September), 92-103. [More]
  • The Social and Organizational Analylis research group (ASO) was created in the Business Management Department of University Rovira i Virgili in order to develop social science analysis and research from a interdisciplinar perspective in two main fields: Organizational phenomena and Social issues.

    The Catalan Government recognized ASO as a Consolidated Research Group in 2009 and 2014, which distinguish the quality of projects and scientific outputs. Currently, the group is focused on a process of internacionalisation: we cooperate in scientific and education projects with other universities and research centers from Spain, Europe and Latin America.

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