Sociology of Language, in Handbook of Pragmatics: 24th Annual Installment

Alarcón, Amado
Sociology is a discipline in dialogue with other social sciences to understand and analyze, under the rules of scientific method, societal organization and social change. Organization and change occur both under specific conditions of social inequalities and in institutional frameworks. Sociology originally emerged from 18th and 19th century philosophy around the change from traditional society to industrial and modern society. Following this tradition, today’s main sociological concerns relate to the complexities of differently defined and approached aspects of the postindustrial reorganization of society. In particular the effects of the Information Age on the social restructuration of capitalism (Castells 1996) in the late 20th century, or more recently, in the 21st century, of the so-called 4th industrial revolution and the Internet of Things (the interconnection through the internet among things and persons).
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Jan-Ola Östman, Jef Verschueren
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