Compiling and Documentation of Secondary Data on the Basis of International Data Sources for the Research Project “Occupational Tasks and Requirements in International Comparative Terms – Analyses of National and International Data Sets

In progress
Project leaders:
Amado Alarcón Alarcón
Josep Ubalde; Natxo Sorolla; Araceli López
Proposed start date:
Proposed end date:

The implementation concept aims to compile several indicators on outcomes from different databases for ulterior international comparison and analysis. It will assist the client to analyse the connection between task characteristics and work organisation and outcomes. The task will be carried out with particular emphasis to specific countries and specific levels of aggregation (region, sector, size of business and occupation) for ulterior merging with the client databases. Original sets of indicators will be provided regarding: economic performance, innovation, spread of technology, employment and labour market, and product quality. Moreover, the team will produce a proposal to operationalise digitalisation and technologisation. The team will gather data indicators from secondary international sources (EUROSTAT, OECD, ILO, LFS, etc.). Thus, the main deliverable will include a compilation and documentation of secondary indicators focusing on the aggregation levels. The compilation will document the metadata of the indicators and its measurement (as a systematic and reliable way to manage data) including a report for potential difficulties and solutions in terms of international comparability across countries and datasets.

Contracting Partner: Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB), Bonn (Germany)