Transactional and transformational leadership styles: bibliometric review , relationship with adkar and kotter change models

Mohamad Mouazen, Ali
Director/a: Hernández Lara, Ana Beatriz This thesis discussed two subjects, the first entailed a detailed bibliometric review on transactional and transformational leadership styles publications from 2007 till 2018. This review included up to date information on this research topic evolution, most productive scholars and affiliations, most productive countries and continents, the collaboration between affiliations across countries, most cited articles and number of citations, articles quartile and impact factor, quartile difference between journals and most productive journals. In addition, this research also discussed the utilized variables in the researches including dependent and independent variables, mediating and moderating variables, discussed hypotheses and its results. The second part of this thesis entailed discussing the relationship between transactional and transformational leadership styles and two contemporary change models. This research went beyond discussing the general nature of relationship to describe how leaders should act when applying each stage of each of ADKAR and Kotter change management models, based on data collected from 385 employees working in Lebanese SME’s that are experiencing change.
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis