Garantes de la tradición. Viejos y nuevos roles en el ejercicio de la autoridad religiosa islámica en el contexto migratorio. El caso de cataluña

Palenzuela, Jordi Moreras
GUARANTORS OF TRADITION. OLD AND NEW ROLES IN THE EXERCICE OF ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY IN MIGRATION CONTEXT. THE CASE OF CATALONIA. Jordi Moreras Dir: Ignasi Brunet This thesis is a case study of expressions of the Muslim religious authority in Catalonia, the figure of the imams and mosques as a social institution. The reference group in the dissertation is the Moroccan community. The main hypothesis is that the institutional precariousness of the mosques have a decisive impact on the role and functions of the imams, as the expression of religious authority in the immigration context. The thesis reviews the academic literature in this field and examines the perception of the imams of Catalan society and its role in social integration of Muslim communities.
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis