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The contribution of all-women tours to well-being in middle-aged Muslim women

Nikjoo, Adel; Zaman, Mustafeed; Salehi, Shima; Hernández-Lara, Ana B.
For different reasons, some women experience all-women tours in different parts of the world. Certain aspects of all-women tours, such as their mental benefits, are studied in Western and Eastern countries. However, there is a dearth of study on all-women travels in Muslim-majority countries, despite the importance of women’s issues in such societies. By observing and interviewing eleven middle-aged women who participated in a 1-day, all-women, tour in Iran, we found that being away from family responsibilities, routine life, and gender-related restrictions, as well as advancement in their social and personal selves, contributed to their well-being. The findings show that the mood of women undergoing later life transitions may benefit from such commonplace tours with their peer group. We also discuss women’s right to travel in the context of travel sustainability.
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All-women tours; well-being; sustainable tourism; Muslim women; Iranian women; girlfriend getaway
Journal of Sustainable Tourism
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