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Motivation and segmentation of the demand for coastal and marine destinations

Carvache-Franco, Wilmer; Carvache-Franco, Mauricio; Carvache-Franco, Orly; Hernández-Lara, Ana B.
Coastal and marine destinations offer a variety of activities for their visitors. The objective of this empirical study was, considering the above assertation, analyzing the segmentation of the demand for this kind of destination in terms of customer motivations. This project was an on-site investigation conducted in the city of Salinas, an important coastal and marine destination in Ecuador. The researchers used 385 questionnaires and analyzed them with multivariate statistical techniques. The results show six motivational factors: “Authentic coastal experience,” “Heritage and nature,” “Learning,” “Novelty and social interaction,” “Physical activities” and “Sun and beach.” The study also shows the existence of two different segments of visitors. The first group labeled “Beach lovers” formed by tourists who have high motivation in such aspects related to the sun and the beach, this group refers to the motivational dimension “sun and beach.” The second group, labeled “Multiple coastal motives,” grouped tourists who have high values in all the motivational dimensions. The findings of this research suggest the need for a more refined and complete brand that could attract not only beach lovers but also other segments of tourists motivated by the different activities and features that this coastal and marine destination can offer.
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Segmentation; Motivation; Demand; Coastal; Marine destinations
Tourism Management Perspectives
April 2020
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