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Impact of the extension of learning time on the learning space of the platform for people affected by mortgages Tarragona

Morlà, Teresa; Ríos-González, Oriol; Mara, Liviu Catalin; Garcia-Yeste, Carme
Housing became a social problem in Spain after the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008, affecting not only adults but also children, and as we discuss here, their learning process due to their difficult situation. Thus, in this article we analyse the case of the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages in Tarragona, which chose to organise a unique learning space in January 2017 where children could do their homework and receive support in preparing for exams while their parents participated in the assembly. More specific, we analyse the impact of a Successful Education Action, the Extension of Learning Time, on the educational reinforcement of children who participated in the PAH Tarragona learning space. Six children were interviewed (for 3 of them, this was the second school year they participated in the programme, and, for the other 3, this was their first school year), and communicative observations were conducted for 13 months. Moreover, two discussion groups with parents were carried out. The results show how children give meaning to their learning and transform their educational expectations with the Extension of Learning Time, along with participating in quality learning activities in a dialogic environment.
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Social movement; Dialogic literary gatherings; Learning; Extension of learning time
Learning, Culture and Social Interaction
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