Female labour force participation in spin-offs

In progress
Project leaders:
Inma Pastor
Inma Pastor; Ignasi Brunet; Ángel Belzunegui; Paloma Pontón; Manuela Poveda; Adelina Rodríguez; María Arnal; Ana Isabel Blanco; Francisco Tovar; Esmeralda Ballesteros; Empar Aguado; Teresa Torres
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Funded by Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Goverment of Spain

This research project addresses the gender division of labour effects on the creation of spin-offs from universities. It aims to verify if differences found in self-employment by gender are the same in the creation of spin-offs and it wonders which role plays the university system in the production / reproduction of gender inequality.

The research specific objectives are:

  • To analyse the previous academical and professional career of men and women in order to observe the effects on the creation of spin-offs.
  • To inquire about relation between productive and reproductive work and its effects on the creation of spin-offs.
  • To analyse the effects of gender on the background of cultural and economical capital and the development of functional and relational capital when creating and developing an entrepreneurial initiative.
  • To study the adaptation of the innovation structures and instruments (research centres, patent centres, technology platforms, knowledge transfer offices, incubators of innovative companies) to gender. And, particularly, to study the adaptation of university strategies of spin-offs creation to gender. These strategies combine the knowledge transfer  with promotion of enterpreneurship, which need the appropriate structure and institutional framework. 


logo_MINECO Ref. FEM2011-28996