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Can apprenticeships contribute to innovation in SMEs? The case of Catalonia

Hernández-Lara, Ana B.; Moral Martín, David; Brunet, Ignasi
The objective of this study is to analyse the contribution of students of vocational education and training (VET) to the innovation processes of small‐ and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs) during their apprenticeships. Qualitative research was conducted through in‐depth interviews with 97 respondents in Catalonia, including VET teachers and students, SME managers, and social and institutional agents. Our findings reveal that public institutions have a partial view of innovation, mostly influenced by an industrial positioning, which leads to the neglect of other components, such as the social aspects. In addition, regarding public programmes designed to foster innovation through VET, the results show a lack of coordination between VET schools, SMEs and public administrations. Finally, in relation to apprentices, we find a low participation in innovation processes by students during their apprenticeship as a consequence of the bad implementation of innovation public programmes, due to the lack of coordination between VET schools and SMEs.
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International Journal of Training and Development
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