New poverty and social exclusion among Spanish young people

Project leaders:
Ignasi Brunet
Ignasi Brunet; María Manuela Poveda; Antonio Santos; Raúl Lorente; Felipe Morente; Inmaculada Barroso; Carmen Parra; Rafael Gobernado; José Fernando Troyano; Pablo Galindo; Juan Carlos Prior; Juan Carlos Solano; Dolores Frutos; Alexia Sanz; Carlos Gómez Bahillo; Esther Puyal; Imanol Zubero; Maria Luz de la Cal; Inma Pastor; Ángel Belzunegui; Francesc Valls; Jordi Moreras
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Funded by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

This research project addresses, from an interdisciplinary perspective, poverty and exclusion of young people in Spain. The purpose of this research is to figure out the logic behind the processes of impoverishment and social exclusion affecting young people, and how the young people affected live their experience. The nature of social processes we investigated involved the triangulation of data and methods. The results of this research design are subjected to mechanical tests.

The research objectives are:

  1. Comparing poverty and youth exclusion between different regions of Spain, with its various social protection and inclusive citizenshipsystems.
  2. To characterize the current state school system, the labor market and social intervention network of these different regions.
  3. Identify the different types of youth who are affected by the new poverty and social exclusion.
  4. Analizar la trayectoria social de los diferentes tipos de jóvenes en función de la estructura de oportunidades que les proporcionan su origen social, su género y su etnia o nacionalidad.
  5. To analyze the social history of the different types of young people according to the structure of opportunities provided by their social origin, gender and ethnicity or nationality.
  6. To analyze all the strategies of different types of young people in relation to the school system, the labor market and social network intervention.
  7. Understanding the impact of social policy carried out by the governments of the Spanish regions on the phenomenon of poverty and exclusion of youth, and provide tools and guidelines to incorporate this dimension in social policies aimed at controlling poverty and social exclusion.