University spin-offs and gender in Catalonia

Project leaders:
Ignasi Brunet
Ignasi Brunet; Dolors Mayoral; Fabiola Baltar; Rosalina Alcaide; Rafael Böcker; Inma Pastor; Ángel Belzunegui
Proposed start date:
Proposed end date:

Funded by Institut Català de les Dones

This research project addresses the effects of sexual division of labor on the creation of spin-offs in order to verify whether the differences in creating self-employment by gender are also manifested in the creation of spin-offs and which is the role played by the university system in the production and reproduction of gender inequalities.

The specific objectives of this research are:

  1. To analyze the previous academic and professional career of men and women to observe the effects on the creation of spin-offs.
  2. To investigate the relationship between productive and reproductive work and their impact on the creation of spin-offs.
  3. To analyze the effects of the gender variable in the acquisition of cultural, economic and functional capital and the effects in the development of relational capital in the creation and development of entrepreneurship.
  4. To study the adaptation of thestrategies for generating spin-offs to the variable of gender. This strategies combine knowledge transfer with the promotion of entrepreneurship, and they require the provision of physical infrastructure and an appropriate institutional framework.

The study intends to objectify the resources or economic, cultural and relational capital yhe entrepreneurs have when they start their companies and how these kind of capitals have been developing during their activity. The research focuses on spin-offs of Catalan universities.