Estudio exploratorio sobre el concepto, tipología y significados de las reuniones de trabajo

López Fresno, Palmira
Director/a: Cascón Pereira, Rosalía, Workplace meetings are ubiquitous and important events in organizational life. Although the academic research on this phenomenon has been developed in the last decade, some gaps have been identified and the present investigation intends to satisfy. In particular, the existing research lacks the delimitation of the concept and typologies of workplace meetings according to the meanings participants attribute to this phenomenon. So, the research in this field has been developed through quantitative and explanatory studies that relate the meetings and different dimensions of them, as variables that explain job satisfaction, commitment and engagement, or meeting effectiveness, without first having fully explored the concept. The objective of this research is to explore the meanings that participants attribute to meetings, what factors influence their construction, and what attitudes and behaviors derive from them. A Methodological Triangulation was applied, which considered various techniques for data collection (interviews, questionnaires, grid technique and participant observation) and analysis (network analysis, content analysis, interpretative analysis). The findings (1) show the existence of a difference between how the management and the participants conceive, and what expect from, workplace meetings, and especially what participants understand by a good meeting, which differs from the traditional vision adopted in literature; (2) identifies the most nuclear meanings that associate the participants to the meetings;
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis