El impacto de la creatividad. Estudio de caso en el ámbito de la arquitectura y la biotecnología

Morlà, Teresa
Creativity is world-wide known as a key factor in the learning processes of the 21st century. Because of that, the main objective of this thesis is to contribute to the knowledge of the training characteristics and keys factors that define creative professionals. One of these keys relay on the different environments where professionals are trained and developed. This thesis has been carried out studying not only the academic field, but also the formal one, considering the workplace, social environment, and community involved in creativity. In order to address the objective of this thesis, the different environments have been studied and developed through the six scientific articles presented in a chapter format. Specifically, the fieldwork of the thesis has focused on one hand, on the Architecture career as an example of well-established university studies, and on the other hand, the comparatively new career of Biotechnology. Essentially, the context of the study is mostly located in Catalonia, except for chapter 7 which results from the study at the University of Aguascalientes (México). The findings of this research highlight the complexity of the concept of creativity and the creative process. This thesis provides evidence that contributes to the understanding of scientific activity development in relation to creativity. Furthermore, elements that promote creativity capacities among both, students and professionals from the fields under study, are highlighted. The results demonstrate that creative workers adapt easily to new social actualities and they tend to propose novel ideas and solutions to current social challenges. This fact is exemplified in the case study of architecture where the creation of alternatives to access to housing is achieved through creative organizational practices. In the conclusions, the theoretical and practical implications of the study carried out are deepened, as well as the concretion of future research lines.
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis
creativitat; procés creatiu; formació; creatividad; proceso creativo; formación; creativity; creative process; learning