Les pobreses de les joventuts. Formes de vulnerabilitat social juvenil

Valls, Francesc
Dir. Ignasi Brunet Icart Abstract This PhD thesis analyzes from the sociological perspective different forms of social juvenile vulnerability. The empirical investigation has been focused on Catalonia and on the Spanish State, via a strategy of methodological triangulation that includes a quantitative analysis (with information of the Survey of Living conditions of the INE), and a double qualitative analysis, with interviews to social agents and with biographical interviews to young women in social disadvantaged position. In the quantitative analysis there have been constructed social juvenile groups by the aim to break the artificial homogenization of this community (on the basis of his biological age), to detect the factors of social vulnerability associated with each of these realities. The biographical interviews with the young persons have been based on the profiles detected in the quantitative analysis, with the aim of understanding in which way the experience of the vulnerability is lived and how the young poeple’s integrate the social objective position in their subjectivity.
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis