El impacto de la estructura y composición del consejo de administración en la innovación: El caso de la empresa familiar

González-Bustos, Juan-Pablo
Director/a: Hernández Lara, Ana Beatriz This doctoral thesis aims to extend and contribute to the literature on corporate governance and innovation, offering empirical evidence on the influence of boards of directors on this strategy. Also, this study seeks to compare if there are differences between the impact of boards on innovation considering family and non-family firms. To do so, we collected data of 86 Spanish firms of innovative sectors during the period between 2003 and 2014. The findings reveal the positive influence of gender diversity of boards on innovation; in the specific case of family firms, this positive influence seems lower but finally it was not proved significant. In addition, the results show that non-duality works worse than duality for innovation; it was proved for both, family and non-family firms, although the results were worse for family companies. Regarding independent directors, they exert a negative influence on innovation, which is even stronger in the case of family firms. Finally, board size does not exert any kind of influence on innovation, considering both, family and non-family companies
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis
innovation; Board of directors; Family firm