Anàlisi del procés d'internacionalització de l'empresa espanyola a Xina: El cas de l'empresa familiar

Marín-Anglada, Francisco
Dirs. Fernando Campa Planas i Ana Beatriz Hernández Lara The aim of this thesis is to analyze and better understand the internationalization process, to see their effects and to analyze the characteristics of companies that can get more benefits from this process, focusing on family firms (hereinafter FF). Specifically, the study will focus on Spanish companies that were investing in China during the period 2008-2014. First, we performed an extensive review of the academic literature to contextualize the internationalization strategy within the business and understand the importance of individual characteristics of the FF. Secondly, from a sample of Spanish companies we studied if the companies that invest more abroad, particularly in China, as a world leader in foreign investment, obtain a higher profitability than those that don’t invest. Moreover, we analyse the sectors where the international investment has more positive effects on the companies. Finally, we analyzed the characteristics of the companies that affect positively or negatively the process of internationalization, focusing on the specific characteristics of the EF. If we focus on the EF we see that the internationalization process is more beneficial for these companies than for the non family firms. Additionally, a higher participation in the property by the members of the family encourages further international expansion. Finally, other factors such as financial leverage, size or sector significantly affect the success of the internationalization process, as shown in Chapter IV of this paper. This study provides several contributions, both for the existing academic literature and for managers and owners of companies that want to internationalize. Similarly, in the case of family businesses, managers must take into account the possible reactions of the owners towards an international expansion strategy
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis
Internacionalització; Empresa Familiar; Xina; Internacionalización; China; Internationalization; Family Firm