Destination branding and the role of emigrants: The case of Morocco

El auni, Fatimazohra
Director: Ana Beatriz Hernández-Lara, Rosalía Cascón Perera This Ph.D thesis seeks to analyse the role of Moroccan emigrants’ in the construction of Morocco brand as a tourist destination. To do so, firstly, this study proposes a conceptual model to understand the role of emigrant population in the construction of their places of origin’s brand. Secondly, it determines the key aspects of the role played by Moroccan emigrants living in Spain in the construction of the Morocco brand. Finally, it analyses the main attributes of the Morocco brand transmitted by Moroccan emigrants, and their perceptions of their influence on the Morocco brand as a tourist destination. The findings sum up that Moroccan emigrants highlight emotional attributes more than functional ones to characterise Morocco. Our data also show that Moroccan emigrants think that they exert a strong influence on the construction of their country brand, and that their message of their country is positive, clear and consistent.
Type of Publication:
Phd Thesis
Destination Branding, Brand Identity, Brand Image