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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 00:00

Global Capitalism: sociological aspects

Title: Capitalismo Global. Aspectos Sociológicos
Authors: Ignasi Brunet, Rafael Böcker Zavaro
Editorial: Grupo 5

The current phase of capitalism has closely linked job insecurity safely in economic management for capital against market fluctuations, promoting a shrinking state, increasingly lower taxes for high incomes and authoritarian control over the "losers". From this relation settlement and political and ideological challenge to the legitimacy of the dynamics of social regulation linked to social status, the work summarizes the main debates in the social sciences linked to this real and significant phenomenon of the historical development of the current stage of liberal governance and we call global capitalism.

A useful book for students, researchers and the general public appalled by the current crisis, to reflections are offered sound advice about the distributional consequences of neoliberal globalization can not be separated from ownership patterns and control of the institutions of the class structure and state.

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