About us

The research group ASO was created in the Business Management Department of University Rovira i Virgili in order to develop social science analysis and research from a interdisciplinar perspective in two main fields:

Organizational phenomena
· Labour Relations and Human Resources
· Social organization of work (class, gender, ethnicity…)
· Private and public organizations
· Innovation processes
· SME’s and entrepreneurship

Social issues
· Gender analysis
· Education, training and mobility
· Social structure and social inclusion and social exclusion
· Language
· Methodology in Sociology
· Migrations

· Public policies
· Social networks, civic participation and citizenship
· Urban Sociology


Internationalisation process
The Catalan Government recognized ASO as a Consolidated Research Group in 2009 (SGR2009 310), 2014 (SGR2014 819) and 2017 (SGR2017 911), which distinguish the quality of the projects and scientific outputs. Currently, the group is focused on a process of internacionalisation: we cooperate in scientific and education projects with other universities and research centers from Spain, Europe and Latin America.

International Journal of Organizations
ASO launched a new academic journal in 2007, the International Journal of Organizations, which is published twice a year, and supported by the Ibero-american Association of Organizational Sociology. The journal has an academical and professional orientation and it is directed at people interested in the organizational analysis in different social and economic contexts.

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